What makes a shirt nice

when you are looking  to look good in an attire or a shirt or a t shirt there are a few things that you should take note of, when i want to look good, i will always favour wearing something that stands out of course, the color should be something that will make you want to be seen as cool and great, a nice red shirt or one in yellow.


The design must stand out, why will you want something boring that everyone has, you should look into something that has nice bling blings.

You should also look at something that is fun and cool and interesting.

Interesting is when you have a nice slogan with nice striking difference in color for others to see

You can also make it nice if you want to have it in a series with your friends. you and your friends can look like the cool kids with cool shirts

shirts are not easy to come by and you can get caps too

caps are nice to have items

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Author: TK